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The Scottish Samurai Awards are awarded to those who have:
— Given distinguished service in any area of activity, whether it is locally, nationally or internationally.
— The recipient will have played a conspicuous role in their field, making a distinguished contribution to their area of expertise, where their work far exceeds what would normally be expected, and whose commitment and dedication are rarely seen.

The Scottish Samurai Shogun Award awarded to those who have:
— Made a pre-eminent contribution in any area of activity, whether it is locally, nationally, or internationally.
— The work of the recipient will be recognised as both inspirational and significant, as well as demonstrating sustained commitment and leadership.

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The Scottish Samurai awards continue to grow and reach across borders.

Joanna Lumley with her Shogun Award

Joanna Lumley with her Shogun Award


Will Reed in Samurai

Our OSS membership has grown over 2 decades and has raised money for charities, strengthened the bonds of friendship and communication all round the world with Members in Aberdeen, Scotland, Europe, Japan, the Americas and Australia.

Yvonne Morton with Ronnie Watt and Charles Bruce

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