OSS Officials

Ronnie Watt (9th Dan) OBE ORS Founder and President of the Scottish Samurai Awards. 

Lord Bruce

Compton Ross
Film Producer

Stewart Spence MBE

5-star hotelier (Marcliffe Hotel and Spa)
Daisuke Matsunaga
Consul General of Japan 
Hajime Kitaoka
Former Consul General of Japan in Edinburgh

Hatamoto 旗本

Hayley Bloodworth
Employment Law and Legal Practice Owner
(Communications and P.R.)

Chris Davidson
Oil Industry Contracts Specialist.
(Logistics P.R. and Planning)
Charlie Abel 
Musician. (Admin and media)
Ronnie Watt’s Order of The Rising Sun Medal

Hatamoto Taisho

Charlie Abel (5th Dan) Musician. (Hatamoto Taisho (2022), Shogun,(2017)

Frederick Stewart – For services to the OSS (2021)

Gordon Casely – For services to the OSS (2021)

Jim Millar – For services to the OSS (2021)

Reeve Watt (5th Dan) Hatamoto Taisho (2017)

Prof. Will Reed 8th Dan Aikido, 2nd Dan Iaido, Hatamoto Taisho (2022)

Albert Thomson, Founder of the Grampian Police Diced Cap Charitable Trust (Taisho, Hatamoto) (2017)

Andy Anderson, services to the OSS and Japan (2018)

Anthony Maxwell, services to Scottish heraldic heritage, art & design. (2020)

Becca Hobart (Hatamoto,Shogun) (2018)

Beverley Graham. (2018)

Bill Smith (2017) Hatamoto Taisho

Brian Welch (2021)

Carole Kelman (5th dan) (Hatamoto, Shogun) (2017)

Chloe Calder (2017)

Chris Davison (4th Dan) (Hatamoto,Shogun) 2017

David Calder 7th Dan, Hatamoto Shogun (2022)

David Galloway, services to science and the OSS. (2019)

Dr. Edmund Stephens (2021)

Frederick Stewart, for services to the OSS. (2020)

Gail Watt (2017)

Gavin Stark (2017)

Gordon Casely (Hatamoto Taisho) 2018

Grant Conroy (5th Dan), Hatamoto Shogun (2022)

Hayley Bloodworth (Corporate Solicitor, 4th Dan) (Hatamoto) 2017

Ian Hepburn, for services to Scotland and Japan. (2020)

John Willis (2017)

Kazuo Yamazaki (5th dan) (Japan) founder of Aberdeen Kendo Club. (Taisho, Hatamoto) (2018)

Linda Thomson (Hatamoto) (2018)

Lisa Douglas (2021)

Michael Dreelan, for services to engineering, culture and heritage. (Taisho, Hatamoto) 2018

Nissara Kirk (4th Dan) for services to a Japanese martial art. (2018)

Peter Adam (Hatamoto) (2018)

Peter Stuart (2021)

Roxanne Watt  (5th Dan) (2017)

Scott Sutherland (2021)

Tommy Dreelan, Celtic Speed Racing Team (Taisho, Hatamoto) 2018

Dr. Trevor Runcie, Computer Scientist, software entrepreneur (2nd Dan) (2018)

Yvonne Morton musician and actress. (2018)