2019 Scottish Samurai awards

2019 OSS Awards at Broomhall
OSS at Broomhall

Our 2019 Samurai awards have grown again this year. Two special awards events were held in May to be sure we managed to fit everyone into the ceremonies. Organised by Ronnie Watt and his small team of volunteers, it’s a credit to them that these events are such a huge success. There was also a lecture and workshops on Japanese calligraphy featuring Will Reed. (10th Dan in Japanese calligraphy) These were held in the Town House and at the University of Aberdeen. 

In Aberdeen on the 1st of May, we had a ceremony and a lesson in some Aikido techniques.     Professor Will Reed from the Yamanashi Gakuin University (Japan) came over to present the awards and share his (8th Dan) Aikido skills.  Will gave a great talk on Budo and what it means to live by a Samurai code in modern times.  Something is missing in our society, and we believe Budo is a code that will bring benefit to all humanity.

OSS at Trinity Hall, Aberdeen
OSS at Trinity Hall, Aberdeen

Link to press article from the Courier.

IMG 7603

Samurai Awards at Trinity Hall, Aberdeen, 1st May 2019.

On the 12th of May, at Broomhall, the ancestral home of Charles Bruce, we held the second ceremony.  The awards were attended by the Consul General of Japan in Edinburgh and the Lord Lyon of Scotland, among several VIP in attendance. 

Hayley’s welcome speech at Broomhall, 12th May 2009.

Hayley Bloodworth


Lord Bruce, Lord Lyon, Consul General, Lord Dean of Guild, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen…

it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the 2019 Scottish Samurai Awards, here in the magnificent Broomhall house, the ancestral home of the Bruce family

These are, as we all know…challenging times, where good intention, endeavour, respect, friendship, nobility, and humility …together with a sense of community and interdependence…are of pivotal importance.

Some of you, I know, have travelled from all four corners of the globe to be with us today, and it is indeed a great honour and a great pleasure to see you all here together. I would like you all to know that you are among good friends here today.

 Introductions – special guests

First of all can I introduce and thank Charles, Lord Bruce for his kindness and generosity in welcoming us here today in the spirit of friendship. Charles is, as some of you will know, very active in heritage conservation in Scotland, he also  supports multicultural initiatives to connect Scotland globally.. and in particular… the friendship between Scotland and Japan

 May I also introduce our honoured guests….. Nozomu Takaoka san, the Consul General of Japan and his wife Yumi.  We are honoured, and welcome you both here as good friends today.

 We are also very honoured to have with us today  Dr Joe Morrow, Lord Lyon King of Arms. As the head of the Lyon court, Joe has the responsibility for heraldry in Scotland.

 Last but not least, may I introduce Ronnie Watt….. globally respected Karate Master for over 50 years and founder of the Scottish Samurai Awards.. who with his great vision continues to inspire and connect us all nationally and globally and who keeps the ancient values of the samurai very much alive …….showing us that they are more relevant today perhaps than ever

 The Way of the Samurai follows a simple and honourable code and one that would serve humanity and us all well as we go forward into the future

  •  Seek Perfection of Character
  •  Refrain from violent deeds and word
  •  Endeavour
  •  Respect Others
  •  Be faithful

Each of these has both a breadth and a depth that I am sure we can all study and aspire to as we go through our lives. 

 And for you all as awardees today, you join an important and flourishing community of now around 250 samurai …in Scotland… in Japan… and around the world. A community already working together on initiatives for connection, collaboration the exploration of trading initiatives and the way to greater peace.

 These are exciting times ladies and gentlemen… where the world needs new ways of thinking… and being… and the Scottish Samurai are an important part of that catalyst for change.

 Special Friendship

 At the heart of the Scottish Samurai is the guardianship of the special friendship and connection between Scotland and Japan.  This emanates from a deep respect for, and a spiritual understanding of each other’s cultures and history.

 It is perhaps destiny ….that we are all…in this room today, and that we each, as Samurai have a part to play, in some way.

 In October last year, a delegation of Samurai led by Sensei Ronnie and Lord Bruce, visited Japan and were warmly received with such generosity by 6 cities…and this meeting of minds, and hearts……this bond of trust and respect, was  crystalised ….when the Samurai were invited to tea and conversation with senior Japanese Government executives in the inner cabinet office of the Diet, the Japanese Parliament. 

 There really aren’t any words to describe how important…significant…. and respectful a gesture this is….and we were and are overwhelmed and humbled by this gesture of friendship

 For Japan, this is the start of the new era of Reiwa, which means “beautiful harmony”…and this, ladies and gentlemen..does seem to resonate beautifully, at this point in time, with the intention of the Scottish Samurai and with us all here today

Will Reed Lectures

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