Alice MacQueen Yatabe & Masaru Yatabe – Friends of MacDonald


Hello Ronnie and Frederick 

Just to let you know that we received the ‘Taisho’ award from the Scottish Samurai.  I have attached a photo of Masaru holding his award. We will frame these and present two of them to the Friends of MacDonald at our next membership meeting.

Mas and I are both sorry and disappointed that we were not able to follow through on our proposed plan to visit Scotland. Among other things, the COVID pandemic caused many people to change and cancel plans, which is such a shame. I promise you both that we DO plan to come to Scotland (sooner rather than later) and will surely let you know when that happens. 

Thank you again for the wonderful award. It is an honour to have been chosen.

Regards to you both,

Alice MacQueen Yatabe and Masaru Yatabe

Co-Chair, Friends of MacDonald 

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