OSS Awards Aberdeen 11th December 2022

OSS Awards December 2022

Aberdeen has something to celebrate this weekend. The Order of the Scottish Samurai (OSS) awarded forty children their Young people’s Scottish Samurai award. This award is for their dedication to training in a martial discipline and understanding of  Budō (武道), a Japanese martial discipline based on the teachings of the Samurai warriors and martial arts masters. The OSS recognise such qualities are overlooked and undervalued in today’s modern world, where discipline and hard work are avoided in favour of ‘fast food’ rewards of little value. The OSS promote the less travelled road and celebrate those who show these admirable qualities and strive against personal and professional adversities in everyday life.  

These children join a growing list of international recipients from all walks of life. Founded in 1994 by Ronnie Watt (9th Dan) the OSS has received international recognition in Japan, and a Letters Patent from the Lord Lyon of Arms in Scotland. The OSS ranks have grown to over two hundred recipients in over a dozen countries. They have included the following: (General) Awardees Charles Lord Bruce ,Very Reverend Prof Sir Iain Torrance, The Lord Lyon Dr Joseph Morrow KC CBE ,Tomihisa Taue Mayor of Nagasaki, Noriyasu Takahira, Nagasaki Foundation for the Promotion of Peace, Daisuke Matsunaga Japanese Ambassador, former Prime minister of Japan Shinzo Abe (Deceased) and the current Consul General of Japan in Edinburgh, Tadashi Fujiwara CGJ and Sir Ian Wood, Alex Salmond, Former Lord Provost George Adam, Sir Billy Connelly CBE, and Dame Joanna Lumley DBE.

The OSS have helped raise money for a variety of good causes such as Lord Bruce’s Indian British Soldiers Charity, The Ceylon Mothers Charity, The boxing day Tsunami Appeal, and The Lord Lyons Heraldry association.

The awards event involved displays of Japanese arts, Judo and Karate. The OSS awards will be presented by special guests Lord Provost of Aberdeen David Cameron and Lord Dean of Guild Sylvia Halkerston at a private ceremony on Sunday 11th of December.

The OSS believe these young people can hold their heads high. Valuable lessons have been learned, and they are persevering through Budo training with Hanshi Ronnie Watt (9th Dan karate) and his team of instructors. This knowledge will contribute to other areas of their life as they move through their journey well-defended and prepared to conquer adversity should it ever arrive on their path.

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The Inaugural Children & Young People’s Scottish Samurai Awards 2022

Welcome – Hayley Bloodworth, General Secretary OSS Awarding Body

Part 1 – Awards Ceremony

 OSS Children’s Awards – Group 1 (Presenter John Michie OSS Taisho)

Jack Sedge

Safira Hakeem

Yazan Mustafa

Graeme Innes

Calum Innes

Adam Smith 

Freya Routledge.

OSS Children’s Awards – Group 2 (Presenter Liz Bowie)

Dhruv Hurry

Bianca Chan

Tristan Gunawan McCathie

Camilla Kemp

Molly Heys

Leone Routledge.

OSS Cadet Awards – Group 3 (Presenter John Otto Shogun )

Ailsa Hughes

Eilidh Tarr

Molly McCraw

Olivia Madigan

Ailie M. McIntosh

Misha Anthwal

Milly McIntosh

Kitty Donovan,

OSS Cadet Awards – Group 4 (Presenter Albert Thomson)

Andrew Will

Finley Jones

Sam Lynch

Oscar Tarr

Logan Stevenson

Josh Morrice.

OSS Cadet Awards- Group 5 (Kimberlie Hamilton )

Harry Proud.

Mark Noblett.

Cameron Smith.

Alexander J. MacDonald

Harry Smith.

Hector Robertson.

 OSS Cadet Awards – Group 6 (Lord Provost David Cameron)

Calum Wood

Cooper Ronald Watt

John A McLaughlin

Stefan Heny Monsalve

Matthew David Crabb

Habib O. Yamusa

Ugbedeojo I. Yamusa.

OSS Awards – Seniors.

Dr. Sylvia Halkerston – Lord Dean of Guild OSS Taisho

Yusei Yamagishi -OSS Legendary Samurai services to Japan and Scotland Relations.

Amanda French – OSS Hatamoto – for services to the OSS

Dr. Clifford John Eastmond OStJ – OSS Great Shogun – for services to Medical Science & the Community

Rachel Wilson OSS Great Shogun for Services to Education

Joe Mackie OBE KStJ OSS Taisho – for services to Charity and the Community


Dr. Sylvia Halkerston – Lord Dean of Guild of the City and Royal Burgh of Aberdeen

Part 2 – Budo Displays

Shotokan Karate Children’s display of Kumite (sparring) introduced by Ronnie Watt 9th Dan Hanshi & Reeve Watt 6th, Dan. Simon Heys 3rd Dan.

Judo Display – Introduced by Gordon McCathie 4th Dan Ultimate Judo

Shotokan Karate Kata Seniors Display “Heian Shodan” (Peaceful Mind ). Introduced by Ronnie Watt 9th Dan and Jock Calder 7th, Dan,

Shotokan Karate Cadet Girls Kata display ‘Bassai Dai’ (Storming a Fortress ) introduced by Ronnie Watt 9th Dan Hanshi & Jock Calder 7th, Dan. Led by Lisa Calder 5th Dan & Chloe Calder 5th Dan

Shotokan Karate Cadet Boys display Kanku Sho and Kumite (sparring) introduced by Ronnie Watt 9th Dan Hanshi & Jock Calder 7th, Dan.

Closing speech

David Cameron -Lord Provost of Aberdeen

Ronnie Watt – OBE. ORS, 9th Dan Hanshi, Founder OSS.

Special Guests –

David Cameron Lord Provost and Hazel Cameron Lady Provost of Aberdeen

Dr. Sylvia Halkerston, Lord Dean of Guild of the City and Royal 

Burgh of Aberdeen and Donny Halkerston.

John Michie OSS Taisho and Mary Michie

Professor Trevor Runcie OSS Taisho

Mike Bissett 7th Dan OSS Hatamoto.

Neil McLennan OSS Taisho

Marc McCue OSS Taisho

Charlie Abel OSS Hatamoto Taisho

Bill Smith OSS Hatamoto Taisho.

Albert Thomson OSS Hatamoto Taisho and Linda Thomson OSS Shogun.

Liz Bowie OSS Shogun.

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