Charles Gidley

Charles Gidley sensei, Hanshi, 9th Dan

Charles started his karate training in karate in 1963, becoming an active and founding member of the Karate Union of Great Britain under Enoeda sensei, where he stayed for 22 years.

During his 50 + years in karate, he has trained with some of the most senior Japanese instructors in the world and holds grades from the JKA, JSKA and ISKS.

As an instructor, he has produced members of the KUGB National squad and through international competitions both World and European Champions. He is renowned both at home and abroad as an instructor’s instructor with an in-depth understanding of all aspects of Shotokan, especially kata bunkai. Sensei Gidley is the Chief Instructor to the British Shotokan Kyogi, and is a founding member and fellow of the International Shotokan Karate Shihankai (ISKS) he holds the office of Technical Director. 

He was honoured to be made a Great Shogun in 2019. 

Left to right: Dr. Jo Morrow CBE ( Lord Lyon of Scotland ) – Dr. George Carruthers (9th Dan)  – Charles Gidley (9th Dan) – Ronnie Watt OBE ORS (9th Dan)