Christopher Bruce

Christopher Bruce has a very colourful career.  He has been a professional musician, and aircraft engineer, a software engineer, a councillor, a Mayor, a yacht sailor and starting Karate in his mid forties is now a 6th Dan in Wado-Ryu Karate, some thirty five years later. During his career he has toured with Joe Cocker and Joe Brown, stood face to face with a Dalek, worked on Concorde and the  Puma helicopter and the Tornado fighter aircraft.

Above:Christopher Bruce (centre) is presented with his Daimyo medals and certificate by Ronnie Watt (right) and Albert Thomson (Left)

Christopher was presented his awards at a luncheon in Aberdeen on 7th February 2016. Present at the lunch were members of the Confraternity of the Knights of the Most Holy Trinity and members of the Scottish Samurai awards committee  Albert Thomson is the Knight Commander of the Knights (Prior of Scotland) and Ronnie watt is the founder of the Scottish Samurai Awards.

The Career of Christopher Bruce

Winning a scholarship to Acton Technical College, (soon to become Brunel University), led to Christopher gaining a position as an Indentured Apprentice with British European Airways in 1956.

A thorough grounding in engineering principles followed, concentrating on the electrical and electronic systems in the range of aircraft operated by the company at that time.

An eager musician, Christopher left BEA to obtain other jobs which gave him a greater freedom to follow his musical dreams.

The musical career had gone in fits and starts but he managed to tour the UK and spent many happy months playing in France during which time he played with Joe Cocker and became a good friends with Joe Brown.

Marriage and two fine children focussed his attention rather more on engineering and the musical dreams took a distinct step backwards.

Christopher worked a dayman at the Duchess, a London theatre, as Technical Correspondent for Lucas and a whole myriad of fill ins which actually brought him face to face with a Dalek!

Some of these jobs led to their own rather distinctive pursuit of engineering excellence when Christopher was asked to lead the Westland Helicopters work force in the build, inspection and testing of the SA330 Helicopter, now known as the Puma.

He worked as the Project leader on the ‘Linesman’ development at London Airport for GEC and became the technical correspondent for the flight test documents associated with the Multi-Role Combat Aircraft which became known as the Tornado but the most favoured association was with the Concorde 002 prototype which Christopher spent his time living in Bristol and working on Concorde with no time for anything else until that plane flew.

His responsibility was for the flight test instrumentation installations and he was one of the last people to work on the plane at Filton before it headed of to Fairford for the test and proving program.

Interested in the protection of the local community. Christopher became politically activated and stood for election on both a Town and a Borough Council.

During his time on those councils he chaired many of the committees and served as deputy Mayor and eventually Mayor.

He entered the field of software engineering in the 90s and moved to Stuttgart, Germany for 5 years at the conclusion of which, in 2000, he bought a yacht, a forty footer, and sailed round Britain with the express purpose of discovering exactly which part of Scotland he wanted to spend the rest of his days in.

It was Oban. He bought a house on the shores of the mighty Loch Awe and remains there to this day happy in this glorious countryside.

A tangible thread runs through the last thirty-five years and it is Karate. In the very early eighties, having given up smoking, Christopher started studying Wado Ryu Karate.

Then despite working abroad, despite moving from pillar to post, despite living on a Yacht for three years, despite having a Quadruple heart bypass he managed to continue his study and his training and does so to this day.