Dr. Edmund Stephens

Left to Right: Gordon Casely, Dr. Edmund Stephens, Lisa Douglas, Hayley Bloodworth and Ronnie Watt

Dr Edmund Stephens. Born in Wimbledon, the UK, in 1968. I grew up in southern England, but having both English and Scottish descent, Edinburgh on my father’s side and Oxfordshire on my mother’s side. I hope for continued good relations across the country. Having travelled for my work to many remote places in the world, I am struck by the common human experience across all peoples. So, although not at all active in political causes, I am similarly minded towards international relations and support various charities involved with aid and education. I speak French fluently, also at points Dutch, Russian and Malay at more basic levels. At Oxford University, I studied Physics and researched atomic and laser physics, gaining a Doctorate. In other pursuits, I learned to fly in gliders with the RAF GSA and also, at that time, started my interest in Karate. After graduation, I was employed in electronics and software engineering. However, I moved into the oil industry in the 1990s as a reservoir engineer, and today am working as a consultant advising on oil and gas reserves and associated technical decisions. At some point along the road, it seems I have become a ‘senior’. I married my wife Frederica in 1999, and we have two lovely children: Hugo, 18 and Georgina, 14. Hugo is now at the University of Edinburgh and also studying Physics. Georgina is still at school, and it seems her interests are in medicine. We have lived abroad in Holland and Brunei, and then with the children coming to school age, came to live in Aberdeen in 2005. We very much enjoy the access to the countryside, clear air and walking in the countryside and mountains, even skiing from time to time. We are members of NTS Scotland and have made a habit of staying in some of their historic properties, which have been prepared for holiday letting, including lighthouses. We have returned many times to the Mar estate, staying in one of the hunting lodges.

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