Dr. Ikuo Yamamoto

Dr. Ikuo Yamamoto is Professor of the Graduate School and Director of Division of Marine Energy Utilisation, Organization for Marine Science and Technology, Vice President at Nagasaki University in Japan. His areas of work include the development of  Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (Leader of AUV “Urashima”, which established the world record autonomous cruising in February 2005), Remotely Operated Vehicle (Champion in underwater vehicle competition of Techno ocean world convention in 2012 and Okinawa offshore robotics contest in 2014,2015,2016; “Kaiko”, 10000m deep cruising in 1995), Robotic fish (the first life-like sea bream robotic fish was created in 1995, followed by dolphin, shark ray ,coelacanth, carp, etc.).

Professor Yamamoto received the B.E. degree in aeronautic engineering, M.Eng.Sc.degree in applied mechanics, and Dr. Eng. from Kyushu University, Japan. He became Professor of the Graduate School of Kyushu University, in 2005, Kitakyushu University in 2007, and Nagasaki University in 2013. He held the post of Research Manager at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries where he was involved in projects which included the manufacture of the wings for the Boeing 787, multi -rotor aviation and real time monitoring and sensing system. His robotic space fish operated in the International Space Station in 2009 and he has worked on medical robots and instruments used for surgery and rehabilitation based on biological engineering technologies. He has published over 500 papers, books, patents, and has won several awards at international conferences. Also, he is awarded as GlobalScot from UK Scotland in 2017.

In addition, his ancestor was “Samurai” of Date feudal clan.

Ronnie Watt with Dr.  Ikuo Yamamoto
Ronnie Watt with Dr. Ikuo Yamamoto