Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell, Five-times World Body Building Champion

(Updated – 2017) Mike Mitchell was elevated to the highest rank of Great Shogun at the Samurai Awards on the 1st of October 2017.  

The celebration took place during the awards ceremony at the Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen and he was presented his award in front of a large and appreciative audience by the Consul General of Japan, Daisuke Matsunaga, Compton Ross (film producer), Dr. Jo Morrow (Lord Lyon King of Arms), Lord Charles Bruce and Ronnie Watt.

In 2015 Mike Mitchell  travelled to the awards to collect his Shogun ‘military commander’ award for outstanding achievement, after being upgraded from his previous 1998 Samurai award. Mike was also presented with an honorary Shodan (1st dan) black belt.

Scottish Samurai 2003 – 2004: Mike Mitchell, five times World Body Building Champion, twice Mr. Universe, Previous Samurai award winner now receives Scottish Samurai Shogun Award from Sensei Ronnie Watt.

Mike will travel to Aberdeen to be presented the Shogun award at a special ceremony at Cults  Academy Sports Centre on the 5th of September 2015.  The award will be presented by Lord Charles Bruce and Compton Ross (film producer) who are both Shogun award recipients. Since Mike was presented with the Samurai award in 2004 he has went on to become a well known actor and a familiar face on film and has appeared in numerous blockbuster movies. (Previous appearances include Gladiator – Braveheart – The Planet)

For many years now Mike Mitchell has been at the top position in bodybuilding. Ronnie Watt 8th Dan, the Regional President for the World Karate Confederation and Director of the National Karate Federation presented Mike with the Scottish Samurai award at the MRM NABBA Scottish Championships held at the Rothes Hall Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland on Sunday 16th May 2004.

A capacity crowd saw Mike Mitchell receive the Samurai Award from Ronnie Watt the Director of the National Karate Institute, which in its own right is an awarding body approved centre.

Ronnie highlighted Mike’s many achievements in Body Building. Mike has 4 amateur World Titles, one professional World Title and has twice been Mr Universe and has recently expanded his horizons into films with Scotland’s first sci – fi thriller as Captain Morgan and as an FBI agent in the Action Movie Life on the Line.

Mike, who runs a Fitness Centre in Turkey, has earmarked his acting fees for charity for under-privileged children.

In the words of Ronnie Watt, “Mike is a shining example of a Scottish Samurai Shogun recipient “.

A history of Mike Mitchell

Mike was born to be an action man.  Joining HM Forces at the age of 16 as a combat frogman, he went on to specialise in small arms, explosives and Bomb disposal and became part of HM Elite Special Forces seeing many theatres of operation worldwide.  Leaving the services behind he became involved in the Offshore Oil Industry, moving rapidly from deep sea diver to subsea Operations Manager to Company Owner Managing  Director of one of the world’s largest subsea consultancy.  It was from his base in Aberdeen that he found time to pursue his love of fitness, power sports, sailing and horse riding in which he has become highly experienced. Competing in such diverse challenges as Britain’s Strongest Man,  Horse Eventing in which he won many competitions as well as showjumping, and bodybuilding, where he became Scottish Champion qualifying him to compete in the international arena, he achieved no less than 5  Masters, Mr. World titles and 2  Mr. Universe titles with the World Fitness Federation.  He was honoured in 2005 in Italy with the Grimek  International  Award for  outstanding contribution to sport and charity raising events within Scotland.  He was honoured  with the Scottish Samurai (Shogun) Award 2004 presented by  Ronnie Watt OBE ORS Sensei.  A host of other awards followed – In 2010 he was given the highest honour within the WFF, a place in the Hall of Fame and the prestigious “Living Legend Award”.  As a qualified yacht skipper Mike regularly competes on his own yacht, in international regattas around the mediterranean.  His acting career started in 1994 by default, due to his sheer size and physical presence, he  found himself in Braveheart, he went on to make several feature films such as, Gladiator, The Planet, One Day Removals, City of Hell, Life on the Line and a brief appearance as Frank Findlay in Emmerdale.  After defending his 5th World Fitness title a serious heart attack in 2006 slowed Mike down to a gallop and led him to concentrate on acting; since then he has worked alongside the likes of Andrew Garfield,  Daniel Craig, Sean Bean, David Morrissey, Peter Mullins, Tara Cardinal, John Henshaw, Billy Murray, Craig Fairbrass and many others.  More recently he was privileged to secure several major roles, having just returned from Turkey, where he shot the new corporate Vodafone Commercial in Turkish.  Recently  filming in Italy on an all action Hollywood/Italian Horror, Uwe Boll’s Zombie Massacre/ Apocalypse Z. Whilst  there he was given the opportunity to have a Cameo role alongside Tara Cardinal in Legend of the Red Reaper. He is currently in post production, Pearls of Africa in Kenya and UK, as well as Morning Star in Italy, Dillips Castle London, Skyfall in Turkey,  and is currently waiting to fly to Hong Kong to film “Killing The Seeds”.  He recently moved to Paignton with his wife Denise to run their own Bed and Breakfast  “Beaches”, Mike quoted “we love the area so much we decided to finish out our working days here, next to the beautiful red sand beach and stunning coastline”.  They featured in Channel 4 “Four in a bed” in October 2014.  In May 2015 he became the Patron of BMAD in Paignton in order to continue his Charity activities.

Credits include:-

Braveheart  – (Stunt fighter)

Gladiator  –  (Stunt fighter)

The Planet  – Capt Morgan (lead)

Red Riding 1974 – The Year of Our Lord – Tim Path

Freight – Mitch

Rough and Ready  – Malcom Dapper (Lead)

Revenge – Alex Murray (Lead)

Rose  –  Mr Blondie (Lead)

Silent Cradle – Richard

It Is What It Is – Chris Freeman  (2nd lead)

Zombie Massacre – John (Mad Dog) McKellan (2nd lead)

Legend of the Red Reaper – Lord Gavid

Dilips Castle –   John

Pearls of Africa – Sir John Rhys

Morning Star – The King and The Old Man

Accidental Hero (short) – The Boss

Vodafone International Commercial  – Head of NASSA

Diners Club Commercial


Rough And Ready

Dolphin,s  Song

Cowgirl Romance

Broken Nation


FORGIVEN, This Gun for Hire

Killing the Seeds


2017 Samurai Awards.