Paul Kee

Paul Kee was awarded the OSS Daimyo award at a special ceremony held during the NKF Masters Course in Aberdeen on the 26th of June 2016. 

Paul Guan Beng Kee was born on 15 September 1957 in Penang, Malaysia. His family moved to Kuala Lumpur while he was age 10. 

A young Paul began training karate at age 13 when Sensei Jimmy Loh introduced karate at his school.  At age 18 in 1976, Paul and three friends left for Europe. During this trip Paul had the opportunity to teach karate in Switzerland and Germany. In 1977 he decided to move to Sweden.  Baltic Club was the first club he attended in Sweden and later he was a trainer at GAK Enighet / Malmö for many years. Here he competed in 1981 at his first Swedish National Championship.

Today Paul works for the Royal Swedish Post in Malmö and also runs his own Tai Chi club besides teaching Bushido Karate in Karlskrona and Trelleborg’s Karate Club.

Now a 7th Dan Paul’s Karate has taken him to many places as a highly respected international karate champion and a great teacher to students of all ages. He travels regularly around Scandinavia, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Scotland and has been appreciated as far away as the U.S.A. and Malaysia. Such is the demand for his humble yet powerful presence.

Paul Kee’s achievements

15 times Individual Kata Swedish National Championships – 15 gold medals

14 times Team Kata Swedish National Championships – 14 gold medals

13 times Individual Kata Nordic Championships – 13 gold medals

WSKA 1995 Sunderland England – gold medal  (World Shotokan Karate Association)

ESKA 1987 Sunderland England – gold medal  (European Shotokan Karate Association)

ESKA 1990 Ferrara Italy – gold medal  (European Shotokan Karate Association)

ESKA 1993 Limassol Cyprus – gold medal  (European Shotokan Karate Association)

WKF World Championship 1994 Kota Kinabalu Malaysia – 4th place

3 times Scandinavian Championships – 3 gold medals

3 times Helsinki Open Championships – 3 gold medals

4 times Danish Open Championships – 4 gold medals

6 times Slovakia Grand Prix – 6 gold medals

3 times Kinabalu Open Championships, Kota Kinabalu Malaysia – 3 gold medals