Yvonne Morton

Yvonne Morton speaking in Aberdeen Townhouse

Elite Samurai OSS エリート武士

Update: Yvonne was promoted to Hatamoto 旗本 at the Samurai Awards on 16th September 2018

Hatamoto 旗本

Yvonne’s vocation in life has always been to care for people.  From an early age she knew what she wanted to be when she left school – a nurse and she achieved her goal in 1976.

After 14 years as a psychiatric nurse Yvonne suffered a work related back injury and was forced to retire at the age of 33.

She was devastated. All that she had ever wanted had been taken from her. There followed a serious bout of depression, something which Yvonne copes with till this day.

Now Yvonne had always had a great love for music and singing but never had the opportunity to pursue it. Then one day she met a friend who was musical director for the Student Show and she suggested Yvonne should audition for a part. Having very little faith in herself she plucked up the courage and went. There followed 3 years of involvement in Student Shows as one of the female leads.

From there Yvonne joined theatre companies doing musicals and plays. She is a very accomplished actress.

However Yvonne’s talent and passion lie in singing and bringing happiness to others through the medium of music. So when she was invited to sing for a church guild she was both excited and filled with trepidation. Her talent shone through and it was a great success. Since then word has spread about this amazing lady and she has been invited to sing to many groups throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. All done for nothing except the reward of seeing happy faces.

Then she was invited to sing to an Alzheimer’s support group. It was as if she had a purpose in life. Everything had come full circle and she could now use her talent to care and support people as she had done as a psychiatric nurse.

Yvonne is special. She doesn’t just sing she interacts. Her enthusiasm is infectious. She has a real connection and empathy for all the participants who leave feeling uplifted.

Yvonne Morton is presented with her Samurai Award in Aberdeen Town House on the 9th of December 2016. Left to to right: Lord Charles Bruce, Daisuke Matsunaga, Yvonne Morton and Ronnie Watt during the presentation.