Carole Kelman

Carole Kelman is presented with her Samurai Award with Silver Rays at Cults Academy, 5th September 2015.  Left to right: Mike Mitchell, Lord Charles Bruce, Carole Kelman, Ian Kirk, Ronnie Watt, Albert Thomson.
2015 Samurai Awards where Carole is presented with her award.

Aberdeen born Carole Kelman began training Karate shortly after seeing her sons train with Ronnie Watt’s Karate Academy. She had been sitting on the side-lines looking on with great interest at her sons, other children and adults who were training. Ronnie convinced her to give it a try and the rest is history.  

Carole excelled at Karate from the beginning and was very quick to reach her 1st Dan black belt having attended every course and grading possible.  She trained religiously every day to such an extent the rest of her family started to miss her and decided the only way they might spend more time was if they started training karate as well, and so they did.  Her husband and sons also now black belts.  After a few years Carole began to help out with the club, teaching the children and running some classes at after schools clubs in Aberdeen. Which she continues to do.

Carole is trusted member of the executive committee at Ronnie’s Karate Academy and will assist in any aspect of running the club and stands in when Ronnie and his wife Gail are away on other duties.   She has been indispensible in the organisation of many Karate festivals and displays over the years. Her passion and selfless devotion to the Karate and Budo training are second to none.

            In her day job Carole is an early years nursery practitioner for Aberdeen City Council so it’s no surprise she has been so good with the children who affectionately refer to her as ‘Sensei Carole’.  Carole loves to work with the children and especially in Karate where she is quick to install a sense of discipline and respect through the ancient Japanese method of Budo, that is the code and values in which real Karate thrives.  Kids don’t see much discipline in today’s world and may be surprised when they experience it for the first time, but seeing it changes them for the better and transforms them into happier and more confident young individuals.  Just ask Sensei Carole.

Carole also enjoys spending time with her family, walking the dog around the city and shire and is keen on needle work and enjoys tapestry.

“I‘ve always been very passionate and enthusiastic about passing on all that Ronnie has ingrained in me and love to see the children big and small thrive also.  All from just having a try. 

I was very surprised and humbled when I heard that I was to be given the OSS and very proud of the recognition.