Martial Arts and Liberal Arts

We have been a long-time advocate of Karate benefiting the individual in more ways than just the physical well-being but also the overall mental clarity of the dedicated Karateka. We have seen improvements in other areas as a result of training and hidden benefits that can only be discovered through focus and clarity of mind that comes from dedicated and disciplined training….  It’s a true journey of self-discovery. 

Please enjoy this video from our friends at the ICLA (International College of Liberal Arts at Yamanashi Gakuin University) in Japan, a world leading centre of excellence in modern education methods. Here they realise that people thrive with more than just one area of focus and can release more potential and live more fulfilling lives, better prepared for the creative future.  Academia, goes hand in hand with physical exercise and an expressive art form such as music or painting.  

A martial art is something special for the individual and should be a vital component in anyone seeking perfection of character and a clearer mind. 

 “ The search for linkages between martial arts training and the liberal arts holds promise for educators.  

The arts of budo, taught as they were originally intended

-as Vehicles for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment –

Provide a formidable exemplar of education for human excellence at it’s purest.

Don Levine 1931 -2015 

Sociologist and former Dean of the University of Chicago, and proponent of martial arts in liberal education. (4th Dan Aikido)

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