OSS Japan 2020

From Prof Will Reed, Taisho OSS – Japan.

We had a wonderful day with full television coverage from Yamanashi Broadcasting System!

Daisuke gave an inspired speech, I read your Awesome speech Ronnie, and Kazuo Sensei announced the Awards. In the morning we had a calligraphy collaboration with Shawn Renzoh Head, and we did a Taidan discussion in Japanese, which will be very interesting for the Japanese to hear. At the Ceremony we had a talk on Zen by Furukawa Roshi, a Super performance of Wadaiko Drums by Sato Kensaku, an improvisation on Shakuhachi by Shawn, and a stunning sword demonstration by Takeda Hougyoku Sensei, and a Tea Ceremony by Maeshima Sensei.We got lots of photos and video, but here are just a few to give you an impression.

Amazing serendipity in that the anniversary of Thomas Glover’s death is on Dec 16, and the anniversary of the 47 Ronin attack on the Kira Mansion was today! This is also the day that the Buddha experienced enlightenment! All in all an auspicious day.

This is what I painted, 心月孤円 光呑万象

The Mind is clear and bright like the Moon, illuminating all things in its light.

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