Andy Murdoch

Andy Murdoch

Andy Murdoch was born in 1949 and was awarded the Scottish Samurai Daimyo award at Aberdeen Town House on the 2nd of July 2016.  

A young Andy left school and began working in the motor trade where he excelled in his field. Later, due to his experience and high quality of his work he was given the task of teaching young apprentices in Panel beating and spraying.

In 1970 Andy joined the Lanarkshire Police force where he ‘learned a lot’.   Seeing what problems young people were facing and wanting to make difference to their lives he moved on to a more spiritually rewarding position as nurse in Carstairs State hospital where he helped young people with Mental problems.

In 1997 he returned to his motor trade background, this time as a lecturer at Motherwell College, teaching young school leavers the techniques used for Panel beating and spraying in the modern motor vehicle industry.Andy also invested and assisted in a children’s nursery which his daughter managed (1986-1996.) She was a trained nursery nurse and with Andy’s help spent a lot of her energy training other staff members to achieve their qualifications and helping mould young children into confident happy children and prepare them for Primary school.

 While all this was going on in his life Andy ran a very large Karate Club and federation with 15 clubs throughout Lanarkshire teaching Shotokan Karate-do to adults, children and families. Over 40 years and after training over 400 students  Andy’s Karate Federation has brought a lot of good to many people living in the Lanarkshire area who train at his clubs. His Karate Federation is now managed by his two sons, keen to follow in their father’s footsteps.

 Andy has spent most of his life helping people reach the next step on their journey. Whether it has been in a Garage, a nursery, a prison or a college or even the floor of the Karate dojo. Andy is a true Scottish Samurai.