Rona Grimmer

Rona Grimmer is presented with her ‘Elite Samurai’ awards and certificate at Aberdeen Town House on the 2nd of July 2016 by Lord Charles Bruce and Ronnie Watt OBE. 

Rona joined Grampian Police in 1979 working in a variety of different roles including General Enquiries Department (Sudden Deaths), Force Control Room and Crime Management.  In 1988 Rona was part of the mortuary team during Piper Alpha.

 While a Response Sergeant, Rona had responsibility for Community Beat Officers who, at that time were trained and carried out any relative response requirements which included staffing of survivor reception centres.  During this time she was also involved in numerous exercises involving the oil industry and Aberdeen Airport.

 In 1999 Rona was trained as a family liaison officer and has been deployed on various murders and suspicious deaths since then.  In 2004 she was appointed family liaison co-ordinator for Grampian Police and has carried out that role during various incidents including the Tsunami, Bourbon Dolphin Incident off Shetland, several kidnap incidents in the Niger Delta and Operation Crimond (Helicopter incident 2009).

 In 2007 Rona was part of a small working group seconded to the Scottish Government to write the “Care for People” guidance which now forms part of the Government “Preparing Scotland”.  The Care for People Guidance is now being rolled out across Scotland as part of the Strategic Co-ordinating Group response to emergencies.

In 2008 Rona was transferred to the Home Office Large Major Enquiry Unit within Grampian Police.  She had responsibility for Casualty Bureau, the National Mutual Aid Telephony system and call handling for Major Incident including training.

In 2011, Rona joined Altor Risk Group (now Restrata), where she has already developed security procedures using her previous crime prevention and CID experience.  She is also assisting in developing family liaison plans and training ensuring that this considerable knowledge and experience is not lost to industry.